Creating a Professional Business Report

September 26, 2014 - Leave a Comment

A business report is a research document that gets across important information regarding business to facilitate decision making process. There are a number of benefits of having a perfect business report; it conveys the message more effectively, creating a positive corporate impact, facilitating the strategic planning and corporate decisions. Writing a perfect business report is critical if you really want to set your company for future corporate success. Here are a few simple tips for writing a professional business report.

- Understand the major purpose of your business report. Making your report too general or vague will lose its effectiveness. Therefore, ensure the objective of the report, while focusing the company’s strategic objectives.

- Figure out your target audience that will be reading your business report. When you compose your report, you need to arrange the material in a way as it speaks to your target audience. In order to find out your target audience consider important elements: education level, the position of the organization, decision making ability, information about the topic and demographic information of the readers.

- Once you have determined the target audience and purpose of the report, gather research to support your business document. Depending on the topic of the report, you can reference the financial statement of your company, sales figures, market research survey, competitor analysis, internal process, interviews and more.

- Support your business paper by analyzing the research and information you have gathered to support the purpose of the paper. Creating an outline is the best idea to arrange your key issues, supporting facts, insights, recommendations and conclusions.

- Write the introduction and executive summary, explaining the problem issue, purpose and objective of the paper. Write a section that describes the important issues and supporting data and then cite all the data put in the document. Provide a list of recommendations in the last section.

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