How Companies motivate their Employees

February 17, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Corporate culture that give out long term opportunities usually allow their employees to speak out their mind. On the contrary, it has been seen that employers find it difficult to commit them because of the lack of motivation given by your employer. There’s only one simple theory: the happier and the motivated the employee, the higher the productivity!

Your employee is not only want monetary rewards; recognition on part of your employer is one of the best ways to encourage your employees

Following are some ways on how you should motivate your staff members:

Career Development

Nothing kills the motivation of a talented individual if there are no career advancement opportunities in an organization. Long term career opportunities in organization for employees means that there are more chances for employees to grow within an organization.


High performing organizations excel in empowering their employees, and having an open culture that encourages new ideas. With empowerment comes, “respect” and individuals being allowed to express their ideas without the fear of their boss.

Rewards and Recognition

An employee is usually satisfied if rewarded with psychological and monetary benefits. Employees who are highly satisfied often are congratulated by their managers for their tasks they have been pleasing, receive rewards and recognition in monetary terms. Giving your employee “importance” usually motivates the employee

Promote Two Way Communication

An open door policy between the manager and employee is the key factor to keep the employees motivated at all times. Employees who are much more comfortable talking to their managers tend to deliver productive and high quality work


To celebrate the success of the company, celebration in terms of events should be carried out to keep the morale of the employees high.

Strong management focuses on career development, rewards, recognition are the key to success to keep your employees satisfied at all times