How to Write a Comparison and Contrast Essay

March 21, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Writing a comparison and contrast essay is a challenge for most of the students, as they do not where to start. The first things before you start writing a comparison and contrast essay is that you must find some similarities and differences on the topic that you are writing about. In general, comparison and contrast can be done for poems, novels or short stories. The purpose of a comparison and contrast essay helps you to formulate a thesis, based on the similarities and differences that you have observed! To write an effective comparison and contrast essay, and to get an A grade, follow the steps below.

1- Pick two “subjects”

Pick a topic that you can actually write on, and then formulate arguments based on the similarities and differences that you have spotted. For example: You can compare the quality or service given at a particular restaurant

2- Research

Carry out research on what the basic similarities and differences are related to the topic that you are writing. Use all secondary sources. It is a good idea to look at how well-known writers write, which tells you how to structure your compare and contrast essay.

3- Structure your Essay

Before structuring your essay, plan and jot down points that should be included. Make a template for your essay, and include which point will be included where.

For Structuring your essay, follow the steps below:


For your comparison and contrast essay, specify what you are writing about, and highlight the main hypothesis that would be compared and contrasted throughout your piece.

The main body

This is the meat of your essay. Here, support each argument of yours with an evidence.


Here, talk about the evidence presented and connect what the topic is about, by giving recommendations. It should summarize the main points of your essay. In your conclusion, it is a good idea to use catchy taglines to end your piece!