Professional Research Paper Writing Guide

October 6, 2014 - Leave a Comment

An academic research paper explores a particular topic, using outside sources to support the arguments and claims. A research paper presents an argument or provides information on a particular topic in a well-organized manner. Completing your research paper assignment might be a challenging task; below are a few directions that help you create a professional research paper.

Brainstorm the topic of your article, if your teacher has not provided you with the one. Choose a subject that interests you more. Make sure your topic is wide enough for the length of the article and that is something you can easily find the information.

Research the topic using authentic, credible resources. Search for academic journals, textbooks, newspapers and magazines to collect the information related to your topic. Reliable and authentic Internet sites can also be used for research purpose.

Carefully go through all your research and highlight important points. Take notes and highlight sentences you wish to quote from the article.

Now create the focus of your academic paper. Select if you will make the article argumentative by presenting information or describing the method. No matter what your approach is, you will require a main topic sentence or a goal statement that informs your readers what your article is all about.

Thoroughly examine your research findings in terms of its usefulness to your article. Remove any irrelevant information and keep all the resources that can strongly support your article.

Create an outline of your paper in detail. Usually, a paper should have at least three key points, each with supporting information and examples. Smartly include your research in your outline, organizing it according to which details it supports.

Start writing your paper; add introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. Cite all the resources and create a bibliography section according to your teacher’s preferred style. Edit and proofread the article for formatting, grammar, spelling and any punctuation errors. Find a knowledgeable person to read the article over and make necessary corrections.

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