Tips for Writing a Formal Essay

July 21, 2014 - Leave a Comment

No matter if you are in college, high school or preparing for your SAT, it is important to know how to write a formal essay. Though the length requirement can vary greatly, the basics of essay writing are the same at almost every academic level. Learning some tips on how to write a formal essay can help your essay stand out.

Create a Thesis Statement

An effective formal essay needs a strong thesis statement. This statement must be arguable and not just based on your personal thoughts. The statement must reflect one side of the argument. The thesis statement must be based on one sentence that is concise, clear and to-the-point. It will give readers an idea of the main purpose of the paper; in fact, it serves as a mini-summary of the whole essay.

Outline Your Opinion

A thorough outline will make your paper logical and persuasive. Therefore, it is advisable to plan out your main points as well as sub-points. Make sure your supporting facts consist of reliable details and examples.

Use Formal Tone

Formal essays should be written in formal language. Avoid contractions, slang terms and vague sentences. Write in a serious, professional tone of voice. Try to persuade your readers by avoiding stereotyping with generalizing statements as well as racist statements.

Introductory and Concluding Paragraph

A formal essay with an attention-grabbing start and ending will be memorable. Write a catchy introduction by starting it with an interesting anecdote, quote or spurring statement. Try to keep your readers in mind before you present your personal opinion. Finally, conclude your essay with a compelling statement that leaves the readers something to memorize long after they have put the essay down.

Keeping these easy tips in mind will help you produce a top-notch formal essay that will hone your writing skills and help you score high marks. With our professional essay writing service, our essay writers promise to provide high quality essays that are bound to win your professor’s approval.