Tips for Writing a Persuasive Paper

January 8, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Writing a persuasive paper is as similar to presenting your case to a judge. A persuasive or argumentative paper must be written in a way so that the audience agrees with your arguments. Choose the essay topic that you can present in a way that persuades readers to agree with you. Once you clearly expressed your opinion on the subject at hand, you must support the paper by adding supporting facts and reasoning. A persuasive paper must be carefully structured according to the guidelines mentioned below:

Research Carefully

A perfect persuasive paper starts with the intensive research on the subject matter. It is critical to add facts and evidences in your paper to support your viewpoint. You should be well-read on the topic and include a number of sources from websites, magazines, academic journals, newspapers and books.

Counter Arguments

It is imperative to research the opposite viewpoint. There is more than one opinion to be created in argumentative writing, in order to well-versed in the opposed perspective will help you build counterarguments against it.


Put your points across using a variety of quotes, anecdotes and summarize in the conclusion section. Repetition helps your audience clearly understand what you are explaining, making it easier to agree with you.


Use images, metaphors and analogies to make your case more credible. This gives your opinion strength, making your readers to understand the concept, which proves more persuasive.

Following these simple guidelines will help you come up with an impressive persuasive/argumentative essay that will surely make you score good marks.