What Makes Writing Good?

March 13, 2014 - Leave a Comment

What makes writing good? As simple as it may sound, this question has a lengthy yet complicated answer, where everyone has their own opinion on how writing could be made better. Try this, pick any one and every one will have their own opinion regarding “ what good writing is” In short, Your thoughts, your opinions, how you express yourself makes you the writer that you are.

Below are some tips on how to make your writing well and get an A grade for your academic paper!

Your Content Plays a Major Role

Great ideas start with your coming up with creative ideas, and then jotting down those ideas. For your essay to be a “good”, jot down the ideas that come in to your mind. When jotting down ideas, try to dig deep and come up with something that no one has come up with before.

State the Facts

When you are writing an essay, giving your opinion is good, but it is important to back your arguments with facts and figures. Your argument depends on whether you are writing an analytical, scientific, or a compare or contrast essay.

Organization and Clarity

Once you have got your ideas in your head, the next step is to filter those ideas and structure your argument. Here, you have to consider the form of your writing, which includes sentences as well as paragraphs. Your main objective is to get your point across to the reader in a clear and organize way.

Structure is most important- Each and every point of your essay should be linked and your argument should make sense.

Avoid Distractions

To ensure that your essay is written to perfection, make sure that your essay is free from grammatical errors, and the correct punctuation is used at the same time. They are important, because every mistake that you make weakens your writing, leaving a bad impression on the reader./p>