Writing a Formal Research Paper – Some Important Considerations

January 10, 2015 - Leave a Comment

Writing a grade-winning research paper requires proper planning and research skills. Students are usually asked to write a number of research papers throughout their academic life. With some careful consideration and proper planning you can write a professional research paper that will surely help you score good marks.

Types of Research Paper

You should need to follow research paper guidelines depending on the subject matter, use factual evidences to convince the reader. There are usually two types of research papers: Analytical research papers where authentic evidences are used to determine the elements of one or more issues. Persuasive research paper uses factual information to persuade the audience to strengthen the position of the writer.

Pre-writing Process

Though pre-writing process is the overlooked aspect of research paper writing, but it has great importance. This process helps you choose the relevant topic, brainstorm ideas and create an outline of the research paper.

Finding Relevant Information

Searching for reliable sources and accurate information to support the thesis will certainly help you come up with a winning paper. You can use index cards to note down bibliographical information, evidences and facts for your paper.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Generally, there are two types of sources. Primary sources refer to the original documents such as interviews, novels, poems, newspapers and more. Whereas, secondary sources refer to the information that analyze primary source material.

Writing a Paper

All academic papers must be organized and coherent so that the target audience can easily understand the main objective of the paper. Usually, an introduction, the body, conclusion are the most important parts of academic papers.

Editing the Paper

After doing lots of research, planning and writing the actual research paper, the last important step is editing and re-writing the content. Most students get a peer, teacher or any other professional to read their research paper for any spelling, grammatical, sentence structure any other errors. This will help you compose an error-free, professional research paper that helps you get good marks.