Writing a Thesis Statement for a Book Review

June 10, 2014 - Leave a Comment

A thesis statement for a book review is the main component of the writing. It should be written in a way that it entices and intrigues the readers. If a person writes a thesis statement properly, it will make the whole report impressive. If students follow the following tips and suggestions, it is comparatively easy to make a thesis statement for a book review.

Be passionate before you write the thesis statement for the book report. No matter what topic or subject you review if you approach the subject matter with enthusiasm, it will make it easier for you to quickly write the thesis statement. On the other hand, if you have a negative attitude it will reflect in your writing.

Select a strong position on the book. Whether it is a positive or a negative book review, a thesis statement should make the position clear and concise.

Using colorful adjectives such as dreary, immaculate, brilliant and more, is a good idea to add literary touch to the thesis statement.

Stick to the singular theme in a thesis statement. Sometimes, students will try to incorporate too many ideas into the thesis statement, which distracts from the main point of the statement and the book review.

Write important details in the thesis statement. Try to narrow the specifics in the statement, otherwise readers will lose interest. The thesis statement gives readers a clear idea about the body of the paper. However, the thesis sentence will not cover every single detail or salient information contained in the book report.

You can use other thesis statements that inspired you as a template. Read as many statements as you can and opt for the one that made you want to read the book review. It is highly advisable not to copy someone else’s work; however you can use the statement to guide your writing.

Considering these simple tips will help students write a perfect, attention-grabbing thesis statement that make readers to read the whole review.